Magento Module Developments

box-icon-mdThe business and their approaches towards the Ecommerce aspect of it should be different and distinct. With the help of the magento’s open source platform you can make it happen. It does not create any issues with the business process or work and allows monger to take care of online business directly.

With the help of magento you can make your online store more convenient for your customers. With magento you get the wide variety of customization aspects to customize your website. You can customize magento with our efficient Magento Module Development services and enjoy the various advantages of it. With the use of magneto you can make your web store more functional and easier for customers. You can add more functions to any block of your site or can even service for third party with magneto.

The basic framework on which magento works is Zend and that is the basic reason why the architecture for magneto is MVC based. With the help of such kind of custom modules you can perform wide range of operations like upgrading models, blocks etcetera.


Among the ecommerce platforms, magneto has no match with others. With the magento you can customize your ecommerce website easily and efficiently. Magento Ecommerce Development is an open source ecommerce platform and we execute customized Magento Theme Designs, Custom Landing Page Design, Magento Skinning, Marketing Promotion and many more services. Magento gives quality content and application management for your web store.

Like all other content management system Magento also allows customization. With growing needs of the clients we can customize magento as per the requirement. An expert professional like us can customize magento in a manner that suits your business.

Magento offers the best ecommerce content management system and by customizing magento we can create the portal of your needs. Magento ecommerce portals are known for its functionality but only professionals like us can utilize this content management system in an effective manner.

Template integration is one of the key factors of Magento development. India Infotech knows the art of configuring the template and our command over the open source technology allow us to utilize content management system in an efficient manner.

India Infotech allows you to hire Magento developer that suits your requirements. Our expert team of magento developer helps you to get the fully customized portals and that too in reasonable rates. With our experienced team of developers we offer you the development services in a reasonable and less time consuming manner.

Our Magento eCommerce Customization Services

Execution Offerings

  • Magento eCommerce Design & Development
  • Magento Themes Design
  • Customized Magento Themes Design & Integration
  • Website Development / Online Store Development usingMagento
  • Magento Themes Development based on existing design
  • Marketing Promotion
  • Search Engine Optimization for Online Store using Magento
  • Custom Landing Page Design

Execution Offerings

  • Buttons, Widgets and Special Effects
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Shipping Methods
  • CMS pages
  • Magento Skinning
  • Magento Store Management Training
  • Magento Backend Training