Open Source web Development

Open Source web Development

Open Source Web Development

Open Source Web Development is a methodology that offers complete control and access on source code for modification, customization and integration. It is the best technique to develop web according to requirements with community support and ownership of code.

India Infotech team has talent in Open Source Web Development. Our company has been serving Open Source Development solutions to various clients round the globe with expertise knowledge and skills. Our experts serve custom made e-business solutions by using one of the mainly admired open source blend i.e., LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) used for web technologies.


Benefits of Open Source Solutions

The open source development programs are available at cost free platform and available at affordable prices. According to your requirements you can use the source code many times. There is no licensing fee for open source solution; only the cost is for media, documentation and support.

The open source web development service is guaranteed for fast deployment. It consumes less time to get software solutions. Anyone can use open source software rapidly.

At architectural level the open source application offers great flexibility for business. Having access of the source code bringing intrinsic flexibility as no issues arises related to compatibility with open source development.

The open source applications are easy to use and fully customized with necessary skills. Any requirements can be bespoke as the open source software is readily accessible.

The study of open source software is recommended for safety measures.  As the source code is publicly obtainable hence it develops the security via the process of detection and exclusion of flaws.

Following are some widely used Open Source Applications for various online businesses and industries.

Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS)

One of the newest and hottest technologies is Content Management System (CMS). CMS is an information resource that involves organizing, categorizing and structuring. India Infotech is much specialized in Open Source CMS web application development like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP and many more. With the help of CMS the users can quickly and proficiently, create and sustain web content.


Open Source E-Commerce Applications

The Open Source E-Commerce applications have boosted the business of companies by increasing benefits. India Infotech has the great expertise in Open Source E-Commerce Applications like OS-Commerce, Zen cart and many more. The E-commerce performs a lot more functions.


Why India Infotech for Open Source Development?

India Infotech is foremost and prestigious Open Source solutions provider and our elaborating performance serves enterprises to support and control open source software. Our main competencies that are in our domain are:

  • With our expert community, the enterprises are backed for grade technical support.
  • As we have talent in Open Source Technologies we use core and widely used PHP technology.
  • We develop Customized Application Development, Rich Internet Application Development using MySQL platform (LAMP)/PHP.